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Teoaana Six is President and CEO of CALAXA SIX Caalaaxaaha Foxhaahsix S.r.l. holding the fashion and cosmetics Industry.

Born in Tbilisi, on 23,12,1986, Teoaana Six attended the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. She then went on to study at the Central Saint Martins University in London. Accordingly, in 2010 she complete her Studies, with master degree at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

Teoaana Six in spite of not having never had previous experience in the field of modeling career, in 2009 she was occured by a stroke of luck as a first Georgian girl, not model, published worldwide via magazines, Fashion TV, as well as has been exhibited in several galleries in UK of an avant-garde photoshoot whereby accomplished in London.

Aforesaid photoshoot made the cover of an esoteric book Hair Mythos in Dark Mannerism printed in 2010 which is from almost 10 years, still selling worldwide and came to be an inspiration for different artists and not solely.

She commenced her professional career In her age 26. Teoaana Six launched her own clothing line. She presented her Collection during the Paris fashion week and successfully was selected in 20 preeminent young designers from all over the abroad at Tranoi, where she showed up on devoted space, to the special mezzanine zone.

As an outcome, Teoaana Six received the most significant appreciation by Vogue Italy as an upcoming Young Talent. She was compared to honorable and most influential big names like a Alexander Mcqueen or Riccardo Tisci. Article ended up with a conclusion, “If today it amazes us so, who knows tomorrow what it will create… we wait with tempting expectations.” Di Selene Oliva

Teoaana Six is head of AAAAASIX perfumes and cosmetics brand. The execution of plans, operetional, functional strategic objectives on the basis of the orientations decided by herself and oversees of the responsabilities and delegation of authority of executive management since today.

Teoaana Six is married and has one doughter.